Guys in Diapers and more

My cousin was not turned off that I wanted to suck him off have him fuck me. He did say he is into girls. I was so upset that he fucked this girl I gotta out ta the house so he could. He said he looks up to me and wants to emulate me u see he’s 20 I’m 40 second cousins. I rescued him from being homeless and in a mental health facility from a girl friend that called the cops. I got him to see a doctor he is bi polar and now on medication and he has blossomed. helped him get a job health ins. Took him to the doctor when he was sick helped him get glasses that he needed the last 5 years. Never knew he existed until 2 years ago when he moved from new York to my town in Texas. He does hug me me a lot and says I love you pop. He said he could not mess w me as it would be like looking at his father in a sexual way. Oh well I have to work at this and respect his wishes. But he told me if it were not for me he’d be gone.and loves me for being a dad. He’s awesome but I still want to suck him off.


Fresh abri m4. Getting diapered at work. Now the diaper must hold till next morning